Freitag, 26. August 2011

Couchsurfing International Corporation

Casey had the rare opportunity to become a great historical character full of sincerity and faith in humanity. But unfortunately, he turned out to be a yet another businessman due to the unexplainable disappearance of his creativity. Of cause, the problems with taxes could force CS into becoming a B Corporation. Nonetheless this "B", the fact makes a "corporate cattle" out of us. This hurts, because we are not cattle, we are altruistic and we have a great purpose to change the world. Was CS an illusion?.. But, does not the whole world be forced to be just a controllable cattle to make profit? It is our duty to use creativity in order to avoid it. Shame on him. Shame on him for complicity in selling our data over Since 'Couchsurfer' is a trademark, I can imagine people being forbidden to call themselves couchsurfers. A corporation can do that! It can destroy your life using the social date from CS. But, it is more threatening, that it can control and manipulate your life.


  1. "I feel indignant and deceived... I recently went to the CS warming to hear you announcing plans to hq CS in S.F. and talk about the origins of CS and all the hard work people did coding to see the project work.. all the non profit donations that went into developing the site. When all the while you were making plans to turn this into a for profit. Where's the accountability, the member notification, the transparency!!? C.S. belongs to the people, If I'm not a shareholder, then I want my non profit donation back, and money for all of the couch surfers I hosted, since this has become airbnb."

  2. Casey, if you read this, know that I am not attacking you but only want explanations.
    Why did you not ask couchsurfers?
    Why did you accepted donations before turning them into corporate money? How much money is it? where do we see your corporate buget?
    Who will take decisions now? How do you expect to make money? What will be done with it? What makes you think we would agree to your answers to those questions without you even giving that answer?
    Who, or what made you take that turn?

    And more important:
    Do you think people who vouched for you would still want to if they were asked again?