Freitag, 26. August 2011

Couchsurfing International Corporation

Casey had the rare opportunity to become a great historical character full of sincerity and faith in humanity. But unfortunately, he turned out to be a yet another businessman due to the unexplainable disappearance of his creativity. Of cause, the problems with taxes could force CS into becoming a B Corporation. Nonetheless this "B", the fact makes a "corporate cattle" out of us. This hurts, because we are not cattle, we are altruistic and we have a great purpose to change the world. Was CS an illusion?.. But, does not the whole world be forced to be just a controllable cattle to make profit? It is our duty to use creativity in order to avoid it. Shame on him. Shame on him for complicity in selling our data over Since 'Couchsurfer' is a trademark, I can imagine people being forbidden to call themselves couchsurfers. A corporation can do that! It can destroy your life using the social date from CS. But, it is more threatening, that it can control and manipulate your life.

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